Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Student Hotel Amsterdam Opening

I keep forgetting to update my blog, so this is kind of old news. Anyway, the opening of the Student Hotel Amsterdam was a week ago and my bosses were on the guest list (I guess they are one of their clients). They asked me if I wanted to join as well, and I thought it would probably be fun. My boss told me that they'd been there last year as well and that it was all very informal and relaxed. So we arrived at the opening and literally EVERYONE was wearing a suit. We were just standing there in our normal clothes (it was very cold that day, so my boss was even wearing some weird fleece trousers with huge sneakers). Later there were more non-suit-wearing people coming to the opening, but we already decided to just to stay for the free dinner and leave after that. In the mean time I also got interviewed, which was actually quite fun (although I might've answered the questions a bit too honest). Anyway, this was my blog update for this week. Hopefully I can post some actual work next week!

1 comment:

  1. when did you ask them about your hotel, so how was the reaction and what did they say ?
    any way , completely outstanding work, i hope you may be get success in your Aim.

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