Tuesday, April 16, 2013


In the past couple of months I've met a lot of clients. They're all very nice and interesting people, and it's very instructive to see how my bosses deal with clients (and to me it's especially interesting to see how they handle a first meeting with a client). 
There's this guy from Russia and he's working on something top secret and asked my bosses to create an identity for his product. The very first day of my internship they had a meeting with him, to give him a presentation of the research they'd been doing. As usual, they asked him if he wanted to drink something. He said he would like tea (in his super awesome Russian accent). With sugar. The moment I walked into the room he was just pouring some "sugar" into his tea. The next moment, his tea just turns white. The look on his face was so priceless. He was totally confused, I could just see him thinking: why do these stupid Dutch people have white powder sugar. Obviously, he had put coffee milk powder into his tea. Anyway, today, he was in the studio again, and my bosses asked me to get some sugar for in his tea, because they ran out of sugar sticks. Luckily this time his tea stayed a normal colour (although I did get tempted to get him some milk powder instead). 

Oh yeah, when I walked to the bus today, I saw this cute heron standing on a boat: 

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