Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Website sketches

The idea behind my website is that the main part seems to be all in one page (it actually isn't, but I wanna give the visitor that feeling). You navigate through the website with your arrow keys. When you, for example, wanna see more pictures of this project, you use the down (or up) arrow key.

 The text underneath the picture is the description of the project. 

 Now we're back where we started. If you press the left or right arrow key, you go to the next or previous project.

Next up is the mouse over "navigation bar".

You can check one ore multiple boxes, to filter projects. For example, if you check photography, you get everything that is tagged with photography. This could also mean the project is a mixture of photography and graphic design.
You can also change to grid view, to get an overview of all the projects, without having to go through all of them.

So this is the grid view. Here you can also check tag boxes.

When you go over a certain project with your cursor, the preview of that projects enlarges and the other projects get less saturated.

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