Monday, January 26, 2015

Archiving The Intangible

(Preview of the paper takes a while to load)

The video and paper above are the result of the 'Embodied Interaction' course that has just ended. The Embodied Interaction course was quite art related, but also addressed a lot of technical and programming aspects. The brief of the course was to archive the intangible, with the focus (more or less) on memory. Our group decided to work with fear and the memories related to fear.
The paper describes the theoretical grounding, the concept and the construction of an embodied interactive installation about fear. The processes in the brain when exposed to fear, the memories related to it and the triggering of these memories are taken as a starting point. The goal of the installation is to give people more insight in the subject of fear, by offering them an interactive experience which is based on the archiving and retrieving of emotions and sounds related to the subject.

The installation will be used for the Living Archives convention on the 25th and 26th of February.

My paper will be sent in for the SIDeR 2015 conference in Denmark, to represent the installation of our group.

Some pictures of the process

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