Friday, December 13, 2013

Eight Avatars Of Time

This is my final film for the film minor I followed. I decided to make a film about the eight avatars of time, a new theory in which time is divided in eight different orders. I thought visualising these eight avatars of time would be a challenge (trust me, it definitely was). I started out by trying to figure out how I could visualise the avatars, this wasn't that difficult yet. However, I then thought about the fact that people need to be aware of when a certain avatar is being visualised at that moment, so I came up with the masks. Each mask is a different avatar of time. I made a storyboard and started filming. When I started editing the footage, I realised some avatars need a long time / long shots to be explained, and it made the film very dull. In the end I slightly changed the idea about the film: it's more about time in general and although the avatars are still in there, they are not as clear as they were before. 

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