Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Music, nature and technology

I went to the forest to project my visualizer. The idea is to combine nature and music by using technology (in any kind of way).
Although the result isn't really what I want yet, I'm glad I tried it out. I know now that it needs to be absolutely pitch black outside, otherwise the camera won't capture the light. I also know I need a better/stronger beamer. The next couple of weeks I'm gonna work out the concept behind my idea and come up with more ideas, so I can make a series out of this. My plan is to have at least a couple videos ready before new moon, and then go to the woods again. 
More information coming soon (it's all still in my head, so I need to write it down).

This is about what it should look like:

In the mean time I'm also still working on my other film.

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